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The Day Law of 1904 was a law passed in Kentucky prohibiting any person, or group, or corporation from teaching black and white students in the same school or having separate branches or wings of the school teaching black and white students within 25 miles of each other. The law was put forward by Carl Day after visiting the Berea College in Kentucky. He did not agree with the school being integrated and decided to push legislation through to make it illegal. The law was enacted in 1904 and was tested during the Madison County grand jury indictment of the Berea trustees for violating the law. The case went all the way to the US Supreme Court where it was upheld, even though a fellow Kentuckian voted against the law. The Day law stayed in effect until 1954 but was amended in 1948 allowing medical students to attend the same school (black and white) in an all-white Louisville hospital. Brown vs Board of Education decision declared “separate but equal” schools unconstitutional and mandated education be integrated “with all deliberate speed”.  

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