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1. The reconstruction coming to and end comes from the point of the 13Th amendment being passed which granted slaves freedom In the USA. two additional amendments gave African American's more rights. We watched the assassination of Abraham Lincoln happen which them brings in Andrew Johnson followed by Ulysses Grant, and Rutherford. During this period of time, we have the North,  and we have the South still bat telling over African American rights. African American transition difficulties , financial controversy, over gold, and the greenbacks, and not to mention radical groups such as, the KKK being formed. These controversies lead the the reconstruction finally ended in 1877. When the day finally came for the African Americans most of all if not, they had a very hard time adjusting because, they have been used to a life of slavery, no education, and constant separation from other family members in 1865. Then, president Johnson appointed union officer Oliver Howard, a commissioner for a program called the freed mans bureau . Regardless of Johnson who openly opposed African America rights, and freedom. The man acted like he was all for the African Americans to win the republican vote for presidency. The freed mans bureau was set up to help African Americans to transition from slavery to include the major offerings of education adding to John sons many controversies as president. He did not be live that African Americans won't have equal rights  because, they were not American citizens. The republicans were a great help pushing for African American rights . Many African Americans had seen they families go to war , and they had to prove to the Anglo American soldiers and highest ranking officials that they could fight. But, most important they were loyal  to there side on the battlefield. Citizenship was good, but, African Americans wanted more. They wanted to vote. Thus, the 15Th amendment was born with the economic depression in 1873. The North began getting tired of advocating for the African Americans, and the Democratic party were not running the  the house of representatives. The South took a different, and more extreme course of action towards the reconstruction . A radical group called the KKK, was a group of white hooded men who set out to kill African Americans, and other republican allies. So, the south was left unable to control, and enforce law in order which, eventually solidified the end of the reconstruction era. ( Study Notes 2012). 



2. After the war the south began to have lots of violence spreading. This violence was directed towards the blacks. This violence was to suppress black people from voting and black people that were into politics. They also took it out n white people that decided to stand behind the black. They called them race traitors. This lead to contraction of organized groups, such as the Klu Klux Klan, to destroy the reconstruction. These groups would sometime wait until the dead of night to go into black homes and even white homes pull them out of bed and use them harm. They did this to parents, grandparents, and children. They used this to intimidate people so that they did not vote. They all had one goal in does this. They all wanted to restore white supremacy in the south. 

 The Compromise of 1877 ended the Reconstruction era. "Southern Democrats’ promises to protect civil and political rights of blacks were not kept, and the end of federal interference in southern affairs led to widespread disenfranchisement of blacks voters."  In the late 1870s they started to pass laws where they separated the white from blacks on buses, parks, restaurants, etc. These are formally known as the Jim Crow laws. After hard work, blood, sweat and tears the Jim Crow laws also was ended in the 1960s from the success of the civil rights movement. 

 I learned that the violence was intended for white Republicans but it was taken out on the blacks people. I found this interesting because I never knew this. I knew they wanted to continue with white supremacy but I didn't know it was because they didn't want the black people to vote or have a foot in politics. I just thought that it was just about them being free from slavery and they wanted to find a way for the black people to just leave.



3. i'm doing the fugitive slave act of 1793.  it was an act of the us congress. it guarantees the right of a slave owner to recover his, or he escaped slave. The fugitive slave act of 1793 was passed by the house of representatives on Feb 4 1793. The law puts fugitive slaves at risk for being recaptured for the rest of there lives. The slave catching industry expanded as a result of the law with men who were called bounty hunters capturing and returning many slaves to there owners. The high demand for slaves in the deep south, and the hunt for fugitives caused the free black's to be at risk for being kidnapped, and sold into slavery again. They would do this even if the free black people had there freedom papers. There's numerous incidences of people who were legally freed , and had never been slaves being cap turd and brought south to be sold into slavery ( Wikipedia 2020) 

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