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“Super Frog Saves Tokyo” was an enjoyable read and it was something that was different than what I’m used to reading. I had already read a book by Haruki Murakami prior to reading this short story so I was also very excited to read this one. At first I thought Katagiri had genuinely met with a Frog but not until I got towards the end did the possibility of him hallucinating come to mind. I know Murakami mentions parallel universes and moons in his “dream-like” stories, so this story definitely shed light on his writing style and the kinds of things he may mention in his other work. I really liked how Murakami created a character (Frog) that was not realistic in terms of its size and ability to speak, as he is a giant frog. Murakami created a good balance between something that’s fantasy and something that’s realistic. In this story, Katagiri is the character that portrays the more realistic part of the story. In addition, the storyline really made me want to continue reading it because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I felt a sense of mystery throughout the story that I wanted to continue to unravel. In essence, I really enjoyed reading this short story because the characters were distinct and entertaining and it made me want to get to know them better. I think Haruki Murakami is a great author and he tells his stories in a way that gravitates readers towards him.

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