reply 1 The use of drugs to enhance their physical capabilities while playing  a sport recently have prompted an alarm because of its adverse affect on the players who do not take drugs and are genuine. Some players who are very genuine will lose their reputation even when they play really well when their batch mate was caught taking drugs to perform well in the game. The first use of drugs by an athlete came into the news in the late 1990’s which a debatable topic became. The actual motive behind conducting the sports at the international level is to promote the athlete nature but this real motive is being harmed when the athletes take steroids for physical strength benefits over the other players(Brandon, 2015).

These athletes were taken to the international destinations to perform in a particular game using the tax payer’s money and because of taking the drugs the whole team of the athlete who took drugs and the country to which he or she belongs to will lose their reputation. The tax payers will e very upset because of the illegal activities of these players who took steroids just to win a game by soiling the ethical motives of the sporting community. The unethical behavior will result in the serious consequences for the athlete and the team from that country to which the athlete belongs to. As a result of few players taking the drugs the players from the other country playing the same sport will also be doubted for the drug abuse when he/she performs exceptionally well because of their hard work, this is a reputational loss for such hardworking athletes. The players will be fined and sometimes banned for the drug abuse. The drug abuse will give the instant energy but the future negative consequence because of the steroids is neglected by these athletes(Goldstein, 2005).

reply 2 The case regarding the use of steroids by MLB players is the perfect example of how trending unethical behavior in one scenario can influence people to distrust others in the same scenario. The continued use and abuse of steroids in baseball players associated the use of these performance enhancing hormones to them, thereby ruining reputation of the game as a whole and the players associated with the game.

Similarly, in business organizations and firms there can be situations where one person’s unethical behavior may create an environment of mistrust. In the instance of the MLB players, the use of steroids by players was unknown until it came to light in the 1990’s. Until then the attendance to these games were high. The profits from these games and the income earned thereby were equivalently high. The steroid use subsequently caused the decrease in fan loyalty. Players who remain loyal and ethical towards the game all must face the consequences of this. Their loyalty must be tested as they are made to go through medical and other tests to prove that they have not used drugs. When they perform exceptionally well, their performance is questioned and related to use of steroids. This might even lower the level of motivation of these players who stick by the rules.

From these examples, it is clear that unethical behavior does not only create a bad repute for the person who indulges in it but also has an effect on those who genuinely perform their roles honestly and ethically.

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