Replies, please respond to two classmates' posts substantively. Locate one other student in the class whose post interests you. You should select a student whose initial post does not already have a response. In your response, briefly comment on at least one of the problems with the race concept that the poster identifies (you may comment on more than one problem if you like). Your answer should add information to the problem they are discussing and like your initial post, should use information from the film, the article and/or chapter 13 from our Explorations text. For this second part of the discussion assignment, you are also welcome to use the statements on race from the AAPA and the AAA linked above. You are also free to use information from our Closer Look page on human genetic variation and migration. These sources may help you bring in additional information not contained in the original post you are commenting on. Remember that the information you provide must be directly related to the claims of the original post and you should make it clear how they are related. Remember to choose student who has not yet received a reply. Your response post should be at least 200 words.

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