religious study, reflection paper2


 read the following document and write a 750 word reflection

  1. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, “Returning to the Sources: The Hebrew Bible,” in Thomas P. Raush, S.J. The College Student’s Introduction to Theology, pages 24-26 and 33-44
  2. Gregory C. Higgins, “The Dilemma of the bible: Was the World Really Created in Seven Days?” in Twelve Theological Dilemmas, pages 15-23
  3. Kathleen Fischer and Thomas Hart, “Images of God” in Christian Foundations (Revised), pages 31-45
  4.  The Catholic Study Bible: New American Bible: Genesis 1 1-2:4a and Genesis 2:4b- 3;24
  5.  The Catholic Study Bible: New American Bible: Isaiah 61
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