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Ideal Religion Journal

Journal Instructions:

For each of the eight journal entries, write an essay/discussion of at least 250 words (the best entries are usually longer) based on your interpretation of a religion studied. This journal post is not a discussion of the whole religion in general; it is an opportunity to follow your interest or concern on any SPECIFIC subject that pertains to a particular religion. You have freedom to choose your topic, as long as you do it thoughtfully, using precise details, terms, examples from the text. Remember that, in religious studies, "God is in the details." Do not just generalize but show that you read the specific details of the lesson chapter.

If you are at a loss for a topic, here is a suggested format for your journal entry: In three separate paragraphs, discuss (1) what you find most essential to define that religion; (2) what you find most intriguing about that religion; (3) what for you, personally, feel is most concerning or problematic about that religion. Be respectful, but sincere.

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