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Religion Class

You are writing a reply to forum posts made by my classmates.

2 replies. 200-words in each reply. 

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What you are replying to:

First reply:

In an ethical monotheism a person chooses one God because that is the God they need and adore. Judaism has no founder or central leader and traces back to ancestors. Abortion was prohibited under the British Mandate for Palestine and although this law was adopted when Israel was founded, the policy was to not prosecute and many abortions were performed. In the 1970s, Israel's Parliament passed a law that abortion under the following five conditions the pregnancy had occurred out of wedlock;  the mother was unsuitably young or old;  the pregnancy posed potential danger to the mother's life or health ; the child had suspected congenital fetal abnormalities; or continuing the pregnancy would have negative socioeconomic consequences and the abortion had to be approved by a committee of two doctors and a social worker. Jewish and Muslim religions have very little to say about the use of medical advances to improve fertility. Judaism values childbearing highly in marriages, possibly related to the biblical commandment “to be fruitful and multiply”, and religious leaders of both faiths have approved many modes of artificial reproduction. The decimation of the European Jewish population as a result of the Holocaust probably also influences this pro-natalist approach. Israel is one of the most liberal countries in its approach to in-vitro fertilizations, and all citizens are entitled to in-vitro fertilizations for up to two children, despite the high costs. Children are raised to begin with scriptures known as the Old Testament and in Judaism it is known as the privileged collection of books the mother uses to teach her children. 


   Jotkowitz, A. B., Agbaria, R., & Glick, S. M. (2017). Medical ethics in israel-bridging religious and secular values. The Lancet, 389(10088), 2584-2586. doi:

Second Reply:

Hello Class! 

I enjoyed learning about Judaism this week and decided to answer option A for my discussion.

Reform Judaism believes that our ethical obligations are but a beginning; they extend to many other aspects of Jewish living, including creating a Jewish home centered on family devotion; lifelong study; private prayer and public worship, to name a few. Ethics are concerned with human values and behavior, and Jewish ethics define correct Jewish behavior. Ethical monotheism means two things; there is one God from whom emanates one morality for all humanity and God’s primary demand of people is that they act decently toward one another. In Judaism, the commandments between human beings and God are extremely significant, but they are not as important as ethical behavior. Ethical monotheism suggests more than that God demands ethical behavior; it means that Gods primary demand is ethical behavior. It means that God cares about how Jewish people treat one another more than He cares about anything else. Ethical monotheism plays an important role in a Jewish family and how parents raise their children because children have an instinctive desire to imitate observed human behavior and there is no way for them to know (at such a young age) what is good or bad behavior. “If we want to raise ethical children, we have no choice but to work on developing our character.” (


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[1] The practice of ethical monotheism stands as a hallmark of the Jewish belief system and is practiced in all areas of Jewish life. Describe and explain the important role ethical monotheism has in the Jewish family life and how this belief system influences the way Jewish parents raise their children when it comes to religious education and why? You will want to research this issue and recognize that not all Jewish sects may share a similar belief in this area, so you will want to identify which sect you are addressing and provide specific examples that are reflective of their beliefs.  

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