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Reflection: 1- to 2-page reflective paper - in which you do the following: Describe the religious space of the tradition you focused on, and explain how the belief system of that tradition supports and is supported by its religious spaces.

you have considered how one defines the broad and varied concept of religious belief. In this Reflection, you will have the opportunity to explore several religious spaces and choose one to discuss in terms of how the religious space both supports and shapes the religious tradition’s belief system. You may wish to select from one of the religious spaces in this week’s resources, or you may elect to do your own research, finding out more about a religious space that is held sacred by the adherents of the religious tradition you intend to choose for your Final Project. focusing on religious spaces. Consider not just religious buildings, but also other spaces such as family altars and sacred landscapes. Carefully consider aspects of the belief system you chose with regard to how those beliefs both inform and support their religious spaces.

Be sure to cite your sources using APA format.

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