Reflective Journal 4


Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 7 and 8 in Superforecasting.

The intent of the journal is to apply what you have learned to how data analytics is applied in industry. After reading the assigned chapters of Superforecasting this week, write a reflective journal of the three most important take-aways contained in the chapters. Your journal should be three pages excluding cover and reference page.

For total points grades will be based on three factors:


Distinguished - Responds with a thorough reflection that is related to all aspects of the journal prompt. Applies professional, personal, relevant prior knowledge, and/or other real-world experiences in a manner that is rich in thought and provides valuable insight into the topic. Analyzes preconceptions and biases by deconstructing elements of personal assumptions and synthesizes own awareness using new modes of thinking.


Distinguished - Effectively communicates ideas or points in a logical and organized manner. Reflections are sophisticated and formulate wholly appropriate and pertinent connections between the journal topic and relevant prior knowledge.


Distinguished - Journal contains no errors related to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

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