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1.As a critical thinker i stage i am at is in stage 1-2 around there. I think i am there because it is sort of truth as a dualism viewing something as wrong or right is something so true it will be either that as answer if i am taking a test for example. Another is binary thinking which is to choose betweens two possibility like asking myself what should i do after work play video game or go bed early. As a little relativism stage sometime viewing thing in my own opinion matter if it is true or not.

2. After reviewing the characteristics as a good CT.One of of them i feel is my strength is research and inquiry skill because i am pretty good at that for example when i was going for a interview for a job i was able to get the work by having this skill. Also when i was ask to make a presentation on a certain subject i use this skill to find what i needed to get the best score and it was useful too. another as my strength is creative problem solving because i could think fast for certain problem occur and can solve it example when i was in middle school someone try to jump off the building and i was quick to save him by calming him down asking him question and helpful advice and it save him. what i need to improve is analytical skill because i am not good and finding solution to sort of things i don't understand like mathematical problem find hard time to get it. To try to get better at it i just have to practice more and study it much.Last that i need to improve is open minded skepticism because sometimes i doubt a little to certain question and the possibility of knowledge of certain kind. Trying to get better at it is by really read it carefully to see if it is really something that is real or not.


  • the thinking process change throughout this semester was that you should not rush to answer certain question and think that you understand it but you dont not under stand.   b. attendance is great learn a lot but rush and think to fast making hard to fully understand certain subject and question make my impact academic performance not having that good grades.
  • try to add more to make a good refection essay thanks
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  • Reflections Essay
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