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Students need to write a reflection report discussing and analysing any two topics explored in this course. Students are required to discuss not only their understanding of the topics, but also the implications for their current/future role in business or work. Not only should critical thinking be demonstrated in the reflection, students should also provide their opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings on the topics explored.

Students who maintain a reflective journal will find this assessment very rewarding and have substantial data to support their reflections. The report is to be reflective and evaluative (use referenced theory), and it is important that you offer critical insight. 

Consider The Following When Writing A Reflective Journal:

  • Describe the events and your experience – What did I do/hear/see?
  • Interpret and evaluate the events from your perspective – What do I think about it now?

How does it relate to other things that I know? Explain your experience; reveal your new insights, connections with other learning, your hypotheses, and your conclusions.

  • Reflect on how this information will be useful to you – What questions do I have? Have I changed how I think about the situation? Where do I go from here?
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