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Hi Hifsa,

Below is the instructions on what should be included on the paper. The reflection should be based on your readings in which I will take pictures and email them to your email like in the past.

Reflection Paper Instruction: 

Compare and contrast Fayol's General Principles of Management with Simon's Proverbs of Administration. Describe how each respectively reflects classical organizational theory and neoclassical theory. How are they similar and different? What is significant about Simon's Proverbs, his "bounded rationality" construct and how does it reflect evolution of thought on organizational theory? What attributes does Simon introduce from a behavioral, humanity, and social psychological perspective and how does that advance the field of organizational theory?

Describe Selnick's "Structural-Functional Analysis".

Describe how you see the chapter on Appreciative Inquiry (Ch 28) relate, or not, to the classical and neoclassical schools." 



Reflection papers criteria: 

 1. Mastery of the theory based from the readings 2. Organization of paper 3. Practical application of experience or student’s related to the reading theory 4. Writing style 5. Meeting the paper guidelines 


The paper needs to be 3-4 pages, double space, 12 fonts and in Time Romans.



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