Recording Homework


There are two different recordings required. Need a young male voice. 

#1 Make a recording in which you tell your Spanish instructor about how hectic last week was for you. Do the following:

Greet your instructor.

Say that last week was very hectic. (La semana pasada fue muy ajetreada.)

Mention one particular day of the week, and use the verb ir to say where you went.

Mention a different day of the week, and use the phrase tener que (+ infinitivo) to say what you had to do.

Mention a third day of the week, and use the verb hacer to say in what class or student organization you made a presentation.

To finish, use the verb hacer to ask your instructor what he/she did last week and say good-bye.


TIP: The preterite must be used to say what someone did last week. Don’t forget to address your instructor with Ud.

#2 How did last week turn out for you—good, bad, or so-so? Follow the instructions and make a recording for your Spanish instructor about last week.

Begin by summing up last week. (La semana pasada fue buena / mala / regular.)

Then, use the preterite to say two or three things that you did / that happened. Mention when these things took place. (ayer, anteayer, el sábado pasado, hace tres días, etcétera)

Finally, add one or two additional activities and mention how many times you did these things. (una vez, dos veces, varias veces, etcétera)

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