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Write a 250 to 300-word essay answering the following questions about the assigned article.

  1.  What is the purpose of this article?
  2. How does this article fit with the types of cohabitation described in the text?
  3. What methods did the author use to collect her “evidence?”
  4. Grounded theory is an important qualitative method used in social science.  What is grounded theory based on your reading of this article.
  5. Who comprised the sample, and how does that effect how well we can generalize these findings to populations with differing demographic characteristics and outside Colorado?
  6. What were the concerns over the meaning of marriage?
  7. What were the concerns about how marriage might affect the relationship?
  8. How did the finding in this paper match the reading in your text?
  9. How did this study make an important contribution to our knowledge about cohabitation?
  10. If we replicated this study in Nashville, Tennessee, do you think we would find similar results?
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