FORMAT: Each response is a (minimum) 2-paged typed (double-spaced) response to the assigned reading. Type in a Word document in Arial 12 Font. Then copy and paste or upload to Canvas.

  • GUIDELINES:  Please note: DO NOT “agree” or “disagree” with the author’s point of view here. This is not a position paper. Your response should demonstrate comprehension, not argument.

            Based on your reading(s), consider the following:

  • What is the author trying to say? What is/are the main point(s) of this reading? Support your discussion with a quote or quotes that communicate(s) (one of) the main idea(s) of the article.
  • How does this reading address the power and complexity of images?
  • How do ideas in this reading connect with your own experience?

Failure to follow the format and guidelines above will result in a lower grade. As time permits, students may be asked to contribute their ideas and/or experiences to an in-class discussion of each article.

Post on Canvas by the date and time due.

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