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read Hebdige 1979 and give a 400words response: Discuss how punks (as a subculture) used offensive signs and images in the 1970s. What does it  means that these signs were “exploited as an empty effect”? What examples from your own experience illustrate this use of an "empty signifier"?

Submit a Word document (no pdf's) by midnight on Thursday Sept. 3.

Format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins on all sides

Grading: Reading responses are marked like this:

100% Exciting! You followed the prompt and did the assignment well. I can tell that you did the reading and thought about it. Thanks for the effort!

50%   Bummer. You chose a reading outside of the prompt and/or did not give a full effort. I can tell that you misunderstood the reading. Your reflection is basic. The word count is under 400. 

0%     No submission.

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