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BIS 243 Reading Questions for Chapter 10 & 11

1) (1 pt.) How well do our perceptions of risk reflect the actual reality of the risks we face in every-day life? Give examples and explain.

2) (3 pts) Establishing the health hazards of substances often requires laboratory tests. Give three reasons and clearly state why tests that establish the safety of substances used by industry may be misleading.

3) (1 pts) a. What is the precautionary principle and how is it applied to determining the safety of products that are marketed in Europe? How does this compare to determination of hazardous substances in the United States?

4) (2 pts) How are metals processed after mining ore? Explain the process and describe the different kinds of environmental impacts that can result.

5) (2 pts) What is Coltan ore used for, what companies buy the metals refined from the ore, and where is it mined? Who are the people that have been mining this ore, how old are they?

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    Reading Assignment #4

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