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  1. After reading “Gender and Food,” give 2 specific examples of the differing roles of men and women related to gender and food production, gender and food consumption, or gender and food distribution. What surprised you most about this article?
  2. What surprised you most about the article “Chore Division”? What do you think the societal repercussions of these gender beliefs about chores will have on society?
  3. Did you identify with any of the examples in “Is Meat Manly?”? Give 2 suggestions for how we might eliminate gender-related food stereotypes so that we might improve overall health for both genders.
  4. After reading “Food Advertising Feeding Gender Stereotypes,” give 2 specific examples of advertisements you have encountered recently that feed (perpetuate) gender stereotypes. (link for the videos :
  5. This can be a topic that starts a lot of dialogue. Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share? This is not required, but encouraged :-)
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