read ppt and video answer question


read ppt and video answer question 

1.What are the three most important takeaways/lessons from the material provided in this module? (100 words or more). 

2.How is the material provided in this module is helping your grow as a student and as an individual, in general? (100 words or more).

3.What was your favorite idea that you came across in the material provided in this module? (100 words or more). 

4.Drawing on the material that was provided what else would you like to know? What other related questions/ideas/topics would you like to explore in the future? (100 words or more).

Independent thinking is better than just copying answers from the Internet.

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    pa 6

    By learning the module 5 data (I will attach the video link and ppt below) to complete a writting assignment and a discussion board and reply to someone else's discussion paper(I will give …

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    You need to read the PPT and watch some videos, understand the knowledge and write a writing assignment

    Here is the requirement about the writing assignment:

    Appendix A. …

  • Requirements:

    -Please, provide evidence of critically thinking about the concept.

    -Please, do your best to provide original contributions.

    -Please, try to connect different aspects of …

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    Write a comment of the discussion

    -use examples and reference.

    -original work

    -more than 250

    -use MLA


    Public private partnership is a good …