read ONLY the attached documents. Do not research anything ONLINE. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.



Pick one of the topics/pdf's from below that interests you, read the competing arguments within the pdf (below).

Each reading contains a pro and a con argument. Read both. 

This is an argument analysis assignment. Discuss who made the better argument, and why. Should at least mention something about who you don't like and why as well. This should be at least 3 paragraphs. If you need further info feel free to revisit the either or both the expectations page and the syllabus.

Argument Analysis-4 God Argument: Aquinas vs Dawkins

Argument Analysis-5 Evolution vs Creationism

Argument Analysis-6 Targeting Kids with Ads

Warnings: all of these passages are trying to persuade you, read carefully and determine who made a better argument and why, not what you already believe or prefer. Essays should be mostly in your own words, but it is helpful to briefly refer directly to what the authors say, using quotes. This will be run in Turnitin for plagiarism. 

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