Reaction paper on any disaster case e.g Deep water Horizon, Hurricane Katrina



Students are required to submit a brief reaction to a specific topic or course related to disaster. A reaction paper is informal in that students can write in the first person, use the word ‘I’ and write about their reactions. However, students are still required to use APA format and cite sources. Reaction papers should be reflective and address points as what the student has learned that surprised them, what they agreed or disagreed with, how they might apply what they have learned to a work situation, how the information may have influenced their view on the topic, etc. Papers should not simply summarize or reiterate what the author wrote. Reaction papers should incorporate sources to identify and support the points the student has learned. Include what was confirmed, surprised or was contrary to the student’s past experience or how the material might suggest a new perspective in viewing a emergency management.

What surprised you? Why? How does this new information influence your choices? When you make statements such as bioloigical weapons are on the rise this should still be supported by research 

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