Race and Intelligence Argument Response



For this assignment, watch the film below and answer the following prompts:

Race and Intelligence special, science's last taboo (Links to an external sit


Race and Intelligence special, science's last taboo

1. 18 minutes in, the narrator has an interview with Jay Rushton, a psychologist who still argues that there is a biological hierarchy in intelligence. Using your knowledge from this week, our week on the human brain, and the article "Why Genes Don't Count (For Racial Differences in Health), explain why he is wrong. (His arguments suggest that you can identify race from skeletons and DNA, and that white and east Asian women produce larger brained babies). Why is brain size not relevant? Please use your in class resources only and provide clear and specific evidence that is proper cited.

2. Discuss how modernization is impacting "intelligence" across the world using the information presented in the film Race and Intellifence: Science's Last Taboo. Specifically the last 15 minutes of the film.

Assignment should reflect all style requirements listed in the syllabus and include your references in APA style.