Race and Colorism



Watch  the “White Privilege” ( Tim Wise- The Pathology of White)  video and  at least two other videos in this module and answer the following question. The videos highlight  the topics of race and colorism in cultures such as: America, Latin America, and India, etc.

  1. What were the themes presented in the video clips you watched? How did the individual make sense of their own racial identity in relation to their other identities?

Answer reflection questions below:

  1. What or how have you felt growing up or living in the United States as a _______ (think of your own racial group)?
  2. What have you experienced or felt about race and racism in the U.S.?
  3. What messages did you get about your racial group?  What messages did you get about other groups?
  4. What other social identity groups do you belong to? (i.e. gender, class, ethno-religious identity)?
  5. How has your racial identity intersected with your other identities? How have you made sense of your race in relation to class or gender or sexuality?

Other links for reference: 

1) https://ibw21.org/video-audio/video-tim-wise-white-privilege-racism-white-denial-cost-inequality/ 

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