Quotation, Paraphrase, & Summary Exercise


 Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to afford you practice with incorporating outside information into your writing. By now, you should have recorded annotations and written notes about your sources for your use in preparing the draft of the final report. It will also prepare you to meet all these learning outcomes:  Locate, evaluate, and integrate credible research into a written document for a specific purpose and work-world audience.  Edit for accuracy, brevity, clarity, to write an ethical document with a specific purpose and work-world audience. Instructions: 1. Select a passage or passages from one source that you feel will be particularly useful in developing your topic idea. 2. Create a copy of the passage(s)—either by photocopy (make sure it's legible), scanning, copying and pasting, or retyping. If the source is online, you can just include the URL address at the top of your exercise. 3. Below the copy, tell me if you’re using MLA, APA, or IEEE citation for this assignment (so that I can give you appropriate feedback). Just write the letters clearly somewhere above your writing for step 4… 4. Write 2-4 paragraphs (no shorter than 300 words) that explain how this source, and specifically your chosen passage(s), will assist you in developing your topic idea. 5. Make sure this explanation includes paraphrase, summary, andquotation. 6. Underline your paraphrase and put your summary in italics. Your quote(s) should be obvious. Make sure to use signal phrasing in bold. Review the information in “Course Reading: Incorporating Sources” closely! 7. Be sure to cite appropriately, using MLA, APA, or IEEE parenthetical citation. See “Course Reading: Citation Help” if you have questions. 8. Include a separate Works Cited or References page (listing the one source). 

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