Questions for Kristoffer Polaha


You may recognize Kristoffer from his small-but-important role in "Wonder Woman 1984," from his starring turn in the television series "Life Unexpected" or from his extensive work for the Hallmark Channel. You may also have caught one of his guest-starring turns on popular shows like "The Good Doctor" and "Mad Men." 

Your assignment -- is to visit Kris's website, read his biography and learn more about his work. In addition, I want you to watch at least one movie or TV episode that he starred in ("Wonder Woman 1984" doesn't count because his part was so small). Some options are ...

Best option for most: Season 4, Episode 8 of "The Good Doctor," available free on (Kris plays the coach/father in the episode) 

"Where Hope Grows," available free with Amazon Prime Video,  Hulu and some other subscription services.

"Run the Race," available free with Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and some other subscription services.

An episode of "Life Unexpected," available free with CBS All Access

As you can tell from Kris's IMDB page, he has an extensive list of credits. If you would like to rent another of his movies or shows ... or have access to one through another streaming service feel free to run it by me. The main goal is for you to see him in action before our conversation March 1. As noted, Kris has done a lot of work with the Hallmark Channel. Those of you who subscribe to a TV provider may have on-demand access to some of that programming through the Hallmark website.  

After you have done your reading and viewing, submit at least five questions you would like to ask Kris during our conversation. Be sure to make a copy so you have them available during our meeting. My goal is for you to ask most of the questions during our conversation. This assignment is worth 30 points. 

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