1. What hypotheses were investigated in this study?
  2. How was the study designed? In your answer, you should include brief explanations of:
    1. who the participants were 
    2. the groups/conditions to which participants were assigned
    3. the tasks participants completed
    4. the procedures (for example, how/when the tasks were administered)
    5. data that were collected
  3. Explain what the  independent variable in the study was and explain what the dependent variable(s) in the study was/were.
  4. What were the results? Please include some of the numerical data from the two parts of Figure 1; you will have to estimate the values using the graphs. Explain what these data show and how well these data do (or do not) support the hypotheses.
  5. Future research—based on the present research study, what is an interesting research question that could be pursued in the future? What would the IV and DV be, and why would the study be interesting/important to conduct?
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