1. How well integrated is the IC (Intelligence Community)  with local LE (Law Enforcement Agencies) efforts?
  2. Why is it in that state?
  3. If you could make one recommendation to the IC about better integration with local LE, what would it be?
  4. Provide support for your position.

Question #2

Public Health, Cultural Competence, and Emergency Response

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Cultural competence is an important aspect of public health as well as the public health response in disasters and emergencies.  After completing the *Disaster in Franklin County simulation (see below) and reviewing the Cultural and linguistic competency in disaster preparedness and response fact sheet (background reading), please address the following:

Why is cultural competence important in public health efforts in emergency response?  Be sure to cite reliable and scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles) to support your response.

*University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, Centers for Public Health Outreach and Education. Disaster in Franklin County: A public health simulation.

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