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You will receive 15 points extra credit (added to the homework portion of your grade) for locating and submitting a summary of a legal news article that was (1) published within the preceding year and (2) that is relevant to one of the topics that we have previously covered in the course (e.g., Torts, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Franchising, etc.).  You may find appropriate legal news articles at, on the websites of many news organizations (i.e., the Associated Press, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, NBC News, etc.), or from any other reputable online or print sources. 

Your summary must:

  1. Discuss facts of the legal news story
  2. Explain how the news story relates to a topic previously discussed in class, and
  3. Either attach a copy of the new story or provide a functioning link to the article online that will allow me to easily find it. 
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