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According to the situation, the organization should rely on the standard view to effectively help in zoning about 7,500,000 individuals based on their races, age, sex, income, and other educational factors.

The information gathered by the scientist's state that zoning can accommodate more lodging cost while increasing the number of residents in the county. Therefore, the country government should implement a policy that separates lodging and residents.

Firstly, the country has been experiencing racism that makes the government rely on the majority rule in the Supreme Court to mitigate racial zoning. This will solve issues that occur within the urban regions. However, the government has implemented a new type of zoning where the city is separated for lodging where the individuals settle according to their income earning.

Moreover, there were some changes of zoning due to educational backgrounds that brought legacy among the residents. However, the educational background was affected by rich families who prefer their children to study away from the city and urban areas due to their wealth. The poor family was left to teach in their areas where they could receive a better education than other rich family’s children (Hertz, August 13, 2014).

The government should implement zoning policies which will favor races, age, sex, education, and other useful factors such as the level of richness. They should allow low earning families to share some of the knowledge with rich families in both city and rural areas. The zoning policies will restrict rich families from moving out of their zoning places.

Finally, most of the urban regions have different zoning based on age, races, education level, level of income and much more controlling zoning activity. The government should control and set a policy that separates the adult from children due to different type of entertainment (McGinnis, 5-1-2005)

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