Q&A Paper #5: “A Swamp Divided”



Paper 5

In his March 2019 essay, “A Swamp Divided,” Ryan Lizza explains how the Washington D.C. social life has really changed in the wake of the 2016 Election.  What is different today and why?  Where have officials in the current administration found political refuge?  What have these new social conditions produced?  Lastly, in your opinion, do you think targeting officials outside of their offices is socially acceptable?  Why or why not?  Note: Please be specific (i.e. include examples) on all parts of the question and do not quote the author’s quotes (paraphrase instead).

            +0-5 points for examining the changes that have occurred

            +0-3 points for explaining locations where officials gravitate

            +0-2 points for discussing what the conditions have generated

            +0-5 points for evaluating the confrontational tactics of activists

            +0-5 points for organization, clarity, and grammar

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