Systematic Literature Review – Topic Proposal Instructions

Submit a research question on a topic related to the political science subfield identified during your Self-Identification Assessment.(PUBLIC POLICY) Specify your research question using the guidelines below. (Note: The research question must be narrow enough to effectively conduct an exhaustive search of all pertinent aspects of the issue within the 8 modules/weeks of the course.)

  • Your proposed topic must include a statement of both the practical and theoretical significance of your research question.
  • Identify all the pertinent search terms associated with your research question. Be sure to identify the parameters for your investigation of your research question. You must state this decision in writing so that it is clear what you will include in your study and what you will exclude from it.
  • Explain the procedures you will use to ensure there is a comprehensive balance of views registered in the identification of literature so that the works listed are representative of all major perspectives. The search for truth requires a thorough search without a priori bias.
  • Identify the relevant search engines, databases, and scholarly journal publications you will use to identify key voices on the research question.

Because the success of the entire Systematic Literature Review rests upon this topic decision, you must secure written approval of the proposed topic from the instructor before moving forward.

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