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Company: Pacsun

The student will select a publicly held apparel company or retailer that interests him or her from a list provided, and create a report on the company’s performance over the last five years.

The report should begin with the company’s history from the beginning to the present. The report should also show how the company has evolved, through its history and what its core business is today, encompassing its mission statement and strategic vision going forward and an assessment of where the company is in relation to its competitors.

Further analysis should cover the main persons who manage the company and the company’s corporate culture and philosophy.

You will do a financial analysis covering five (5) years using sales, profits and significant ratios, comparing these ratios and financial performance against their prime competitor. The student is to assess how the company they have chosen is doing against this competitor. This ratio comparison must be shown in both their report and in their class presentation. 

How long should the paper be? In general, 3-5 pages, excluding the reference page, double-spaced, 1" margins with just your name in the header. The paper, which will be done in paragraph form, with proper in-text references and reference list at the end, should make a complete study of the topics mentioned, yet as concise as possible for any manager reading this paper. The comparison of ratios and financials can be presented in tables, but there should be accompanying text to explain them. 

All papers presentations are to be uploaded to BB by class time on Oct 14. Any late or non-submissions are an automatic zero.

List of necessary components in paper & presentation:

1. History of chosen company

2. Key executives for chosen company

3. Five years of analysis for both chosen company and competitor in terms of: sales, profits, ratios, and percentage change for each

4. 52-week stock prices for both companies

5. Future strategies

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