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As I explained in the topic I want someone to write me about (Jubail city in saudi arabia) public speak so please write as what i attached

my idea is :

1-in the beginning  An introduction to Jubail Industrial City

2- then Talk about why jubail is  the importance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(Oil and industrial wealth)

the body :

1-talk about industry and What are the industries on which Jubail is based?

2- the part two talk about( The company that operates the city of Jubail), the company is Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu 

in this part just give defination about this company .

3- Has this company succeeded in providing services to this city ( say yes and give examples for that -they open industrial school, and industrial college for support this city ). also, they has goal to the construction of the city of jubail 2, which began years ago.

conclusion :

Talk that you are from the city of Jubail and your father is one of the people who contributed in this city.Your father was the Deputy Director General of the Royal Commission in Jubail and a consultant in the construction of the city of Jubail.The reason you wrote about Jubail is that you are proud to be its inhabitants.

the proffesor need outline , please write as public speak and please write in easy way .

this websites for help you please i need simple speak and use easy words. 

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