Public Private Partnerships

discuss one example of a PPP within your sector. Partnerships are not always obvious, but non-the-less can play a major role in providing critical services.  Using this weeks discussion board will provide several examples for each other's benefit. (if you are not already aware of a PPP in your sector, I would suggest a quick google search like, "Public Private Partnership in Emergency Service  Sector"


  • Submit your response by Friday Night so others have an opportunity to read and respond to your example before the discussion closes on Sunday night.
  • Name the partnership, provide a brief description of the partnership, and share 1 or 2 benefits of that partnership. (if it is a failed partnership, feel free to also share the problem) Keep your responses brief and to the point (EXAMPLE BELOW)


Partnership: Transportation Sector: Operations of public roads and highways

Description: In 2006, two private companies, Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte and Macquarie Infrastructure Partners,  were awarded a project to operate a 157 mile stretch of Indiana's public roadways.  The partnership of private companies paid the state a one-time fee of $3.8 billion for a 75-year agreement to operate the roadway in exchange for the revenue from the tolls.

Benefit: The project is estimated to save the state of Indiana about $100 million per year in operating costs.

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