Public Health Approach


Format: These essays are to be written in APA style based on APA expectations. Essays must be structurally intact with appropriate grammar, sentence and paragraph composition, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion). Paper length 1-2 pages (MAX… POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED IF OVER 2 PAGES), excluding cover and reference page. Must have a minimum of three references and references must be within 5 years. 

Prepare a short paper on Population Health, history of nursing and how all affects the changing health system and global outlooks. 


Grading Rubric Points


Essay include up-to-date information and paper length appropriate.



Introduction and conclusion are clear and concise



Grammar, proper word use, punctuation, sentence composition, paragraph development, sentence clarity, and spelling.



APA style as appropriate for referencing and APA format  with reference page. At least 3 references within 5 years.



Logical and clear essay development: easily readable (use   subheadings-if applicable).



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