Psychology Quiz Due ASAP 2.13.2020


1. Are all people who commit violent crimes antisocial? Explain.


2. You are participating in a project with another classmate. You notice your partner speaks little but seems to be gung-ho in getting the project completed. When you ask if you can help, he/she answers quickly with “No thanks, I got it.” When it comes time to hear what your partner will say in his/her presentation, he/she tears the document to shreds right in front of you and says, “Nope, never mind, it’s horrible. I’ll need to rewrite it.” You grow nervous with your partner’s dissatisfaction, because the presentation is due at the end of the week. How might you handle working with this person? Knowing his/her possible personality disorder, how might you ensure the project is completed in a timely manner?

3. Your new coworker appears quiet, withdrawn, and pessimistic whenever someone offers him/her a well-deserved compliment.  You notice he/she rejects all social activities, even though he/she is very friendly to everyone.  You soon learn this person’s workspace is next to yours.  How might you interact with such a person?  What advice might you give him/her?

4. After being plagued by horrible voices, you see a counselor and a psychiatrist before learning you have schizophrenia.  The doctor consults with you on taking medication for the voices – but warns you that you may have to live with involuntary twitching for the rest of your life.  What choice would you make in this situation and why?

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