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This space is reserved for us as an additional way to communicate with each other. It is a place to post and respond to  items of interest in the media related to parenting today. I will post at least 1 topic for discussion each week; the first topic is "Born This Way.."

A recent CBS News segment featuring stories of young children with gender dysphoria is very informative. You may access it via Google~
"Stories of young transgender children".

An article in the Washington Post, "Jonas Maines once had a twin brother, Wyatt. Now he has a twin sister, Nicole" by Amy Ellis Nutt (10/20/2015, E-1) is also an interesting read.

Addressing medical issues is a Post article by Sara Solovitch, "Medical field plays catch-up with trans kids" (1/23/2018), and a site addressing parenting children with gender-spectrum concerns is :

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