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Project Proposal

Prepare a 2 page (not including title or reference page) idea paper on any topic of interest mentioned in your assigned textbooks.

Choose your own favorite topic related to the course objective.

Paper organization will include:


   Problem Statement.

   Relevance and Significance.

   References (at least five).

Topic: Computer Software Security

Course objectives:


• Examine the scope, domain, and components of organizational security policy and planning.

• Define and profile IA infrastructure.

• Investigate asset management and develop a plan for business continuity.

• Assess legal and regulatory compliance requirements within an information assurance security policy.

• Appraise access controls, operations security, and network security within the operational and technical domain of information assurance.

• Analyze IA principles and practices for application security and system software security.

• Appraise and conduct operational risk assessment and audit.

Evaluate the ethical issues related to Information assurance 

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