learned about Making Sense of Data and Voting Schemes. Part II of your Final Project should include four problems (two from each chapter7&13 ). You will need to show the solution to the problem and explain your solution using the concepts and terminology that you have learned.

Modify your Part I Introductory paragraph to further reflect on what you have been studying in this class. Add new topics or thoughts to your introduction to represent how your thinking has changed as you progress through the course.

  • This should be followed by four problems (two from each Chapter) selected from the Word document provided below. Your assignment should explain to the reader what the problem asks you to do, provide a complete solution to the problem, followed by a paragraph that explains not only how to solve the problem but the relevance or importance of this topic.
  • Finally, write a conclusion paragraph that summarizes how your view of mathematics has improved or matured over the duration of the course. Think of at least one specific skill or area of knowledge that will help you to reach your educational degree or personal goals?
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  • number system
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