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Sample 1: Project Proposal: Shelton Roofing

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Shelton Roofing re-roofs homes for already over 70 years. The company provides a range of reliable roofing installations, re-roofing and other solutions, including roof repairs and roof replacement for mainly the Bay area region. According to the mission statement, their goal is to give their customers the best experiences and products available in the roofing industry. They aim to uphold their reputation for excellence constantly. Shelton Roofing wants their customers to be able to count on them to do quality work that’s on time, on budget, and completed with regard to the safety of everyone involved. Description of the project opportunity (current problems):

Currently, the customer dissatisfaction of Shelton Roofing is relatively low. Many complaints arose because of unfinished or low performance work with many errors. For example, some customers reported that the price they are paying for the work are much higher than the market price. Also, customer expectations are higher than the actual work that is done. This results in not meeting the expectations. Data collection plan or the source of existing data:

A survey through either Qualtrics or manually will be conducted. The survey questions will collect information such as the type of work, the final price, and the time it took to complete the work. The survey also includes questions about the opinion of the customers. The data should give the team an idea of how satisfied customers are with which type of work and where need to be improvements. To analyze the data and conclude ways of improvements, a excel document will be created. Another option could be collecting data from sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp and similar review site to collect data regarding customer service to analyze. Also, if possible, one of our team members, who works at Shelton Roofing, would be to collect data on the number of houses Shelton Roofing has had to return to in order to fix leaks or any other form of unsatisfactory work to compare to the number of satisfied customers.

Sample 2: Analysis of Maintenance Services within Silicon Valley Multifamily Communities (Essex Property Trust)

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The new age clientele of apartments in the bay area requires for services to be completed promptly with the simplest requests such as light bulb changes and battery replacements. With an ever-increasing amount of work orders seen in communities, maintenance personnel are spreading very thin. Large companies are merging and cutting positions instead of adding them in order to appeal to a strict budget.

Essex Property Trust has a company-wide online portal system that allows you to pay rent and enter work orders electronically. Through the portal, a tenant can enter the work order details into a comments box. If the tenant chooses to call in to place a work order through the office, the staff puts in a work order where they log the type of problem by selecting from a drop- down list of the issue and narrowing down from there. This helps keep track of data in terms of how long work orders take, what breaks the most often, etc. If the residents had the same drop down list when they select the item that is broken and check of description boxes of the issue below each one, there can be listed instructions of what may be wrong and a quick fix or ways to make sure the issue does not reoccur.

Description of the project opportunity (current problems):

A large issue is turnover time for work orders with maintenance. Tenants normally expect for a work order to be completed within 1-2 day of it being sent in. A large portion of work orders that are done daily are things that could have been easily prevented or fixed by the resident. When a work order is given tenants often give permission to enter when they are not home meaning that the maintenance personnel is often not there to show them how they can prevent/fix the issue by themselves in the future. This large volume of small menial tasks really clogs the work time of maintenance. For example, if the battery on your smoke alarm beeps every few minutes it’s indicating that the battery is low and that it needs to be switched out. This is not something necessary for maintenance to come in to complete as it is easily fixed by the tenant.

Data collection plan or the source of existing data:

Through utilizing the management software used by Essex called Yardi, we can collect work order data for the past five years. For each work order, we will have a record of the type of work, lead time between receiving the order and starting time of the work, instructional information provided to the tenants. We can use the data to identify the most common issues in apartments homes. Yardi also has a feature that allows maintenance to check off when damage was resident caused. This indicates that the resident does not properly know how to care for the items in the apartment home, which again can be reinforced by providing them instructions.

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