Project 43.. 1-2


First; ------------

 Submit your project presentation (including self-introduction) and notes pages here.  Review the  Project Guidelines and Grading Criteria Project Guidelines and Grading Criteria (uploaded)  - Alternative Formats to assure you have met expectations.

Your presentation must be on powerpoint.

Attach to this discussion a copy of your presentation with audio or notes. If you added "notes" with each slide, you do not have to attach a separate notes page.

You will not be able to see the post of others until you create and upload your own project materials.

You must also comment/post on the presentation materials of at least 2 classmates to receive full credit!

Knowing that others will see your work creates a little bit more encouragement to make sure you submit something you are proud of, is edited for typos and is of high quality! 

This project is to help you think outside the box next time you have to do a presentation to a governing board, the community, coworkers or employees.  I look forward to seeing these!  Don't forget your introduction at the beginning and comments on two classmates!

Second; ---

 Submit your Project paper summary/overview here.

  • must follow apa requirements
  • a cover page, abstract and references page (minimum of 2 references) are all required
    • be sure to use and cite your sources at least once WITHIN your paper
  • your actual presentation slides and notes pages are submitted as an attachment to the discussion board
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