Expedia Group, Inc.


Please leave website links along with citations on reference pages so can I review them

Section II: Company Overview

History, Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles (+/-1 page – single spaced)

Go to the company website as well as other reputable sources and discuss the origins and historical evolution of the company. What are its current mission and vision statements? Does it list/expound any guiding principles? If so, what are they? Please directly quote the Mission and Vision statements from company materials, use proper citations!

Finally, interpret what this all means. Do they seem to work together or contradict each other? What kind of culture would you expect to see if you worked for them or were their customer?

Resources: Company website, google

Product Segmentation and Offerings (+/- 1 page – single spaced)

Provide the details of what the company offers. In what segments of their particular industry do they operate? What are their different brands? How do they differ from each other? How do they differ from their competitors? What are some of the differentiators of the company? What is the value proposition? Why should a customer spend their money with this company versus another company?

Resources: Company website, google

Financial Analysis (+/- 1 page – single spaced)

Using the publicly available financial information, how does your company’s financial performance stack up against their competitive set? The financials you select will depend, in part, in what segment of the industry your company sits? 

Here are some general financial performance measures: Current Ratio, Debt to Equity ratio, and Net Income.

Example: A selection of Lodging Financials – RevPAR, Occupancy, ADR, Revenue, EBITA, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, but the bare minimum.

Example: A selection of Restaurant Financials – Food Cost ($,%), Labor Cost($,%), Revenue, COGS, Prime Cost%, EBITA, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, but the bare minimum.

You may find reports that already conduct analyses of the information. You may use these, as long as you cite them. I would rather you not quote them, but paraphrase instead. Use various charts and graphs, but be sure to cite their sources.

Your real job in this section is to tell me WHAT IT MEANS! It’s wonderful to find all this information, and even to “analyze” it… but the real proof is in the interpretation. How should the company use this information for the future?!


1. Use Library Resources. There is Libguide for HFT 4294 that will have several helpful databases listed. You will need to login to the Library website using your FIU credentials. Then go to: Use the “Company Analysis” tab on the left side.



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