Final Project Topic - Any topic related to the Digital Forensics.

Final Project Description, Abstract, Report & Presentation:

  1. Final project topic description with small paragraph describing your project on how its related to digital forensics and how you intend to research it in 150 words using word document. No in-line citations please.
  2. Brief abstract describing your final project in about 250 words using word document.
  3. Using word document write a report of up to 600 words on your project topic. This document should be in APA format, double spaced, showing sources and a bibliography. Use only 3 in-line citation in whole document. Add at-least 3 references at the end along with hyperlinks.
  4. PPT presentation up to 10 slides (Excluding title and reference slides) on the same topic with more word content in slides. Add references at the end along with hyperlinks.

Note: Use your own words. Provide hyperlinks to the references and plagiarism is not acceptable. If plagiarism score is more than 20% you will get 0.

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