We need a research paper on 3 companies 1.Facebook 2.Wifi Finder 3.Snapchat by 4pm EST today and we need copy of Annotated bibliography by 10 am EST today(please find the attached ppt for reference )

In Annotated bibliography we need 8 References minimum

 paper should have the following characteristics:

  1. Be in APA format
  2. Have the following sections:
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract 
    3.  this should address:
      1. Summaries of the companies and the situations
      2. Security and risk management activities absent from each situation
      3. A diagnosis of security and risk management ethical issues presented (if any) to management/stakeholders.
      4. Compare and contrast the security and risk management activities recommended as an outcome of the situation
      5. Security Management and Risk Management Lessons learned by the examination of the cases chosen.
    4. References (non-annotated)
    5. Appendix:
      1. Research Outline 
      2. Annotated bibliography 
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