project 1



For your project, answer the following:

1.  Obtain the web address, physical address, and telephone and fax numbers for your state court and federal district court. 

2. Using the web address obtained in number 1, obtain a listing of filing fees for complaints and other pleadings and the requirements for electronic filing in your state and federal courts. 

3. Using an online legal research database, determine your state's statute of limitations for:

a. personal injury sustained in an automobile accident,

b. breach of contract, 

c. medical malpractice. 

4.  Go to (Links to an external site.)  Summarize what you find. 

5. Go to your state trial court website, determine if there is a requirement for page, size, margins, and font type. 

6.  Go to your state and federal court employment site.  Are there are job opportunities listed that you are interested in?  If so, list them. 

7. Go to (Links to an external site.) What is the Administrative Office of the Courts?

Place your answers on a Word document that is double spaced and submit.

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