Program Evaluation Worksheet 2



Once you have determined the general type of design you will be completing, you are ready to begin setting up your evaluation. You will begin by determining the objectives of your evaluation. Once the objectives are determined, you are ready to begin establishing and operationalizing evaluation questions. With this done, you are ready to begin considering your data sources and mapping them onto evaluation questions. Finally, you will be defining your potential outcomes - that is, how do you define success, neutral or failure? You will want to lean heavily on guidance from Chapter 1 of the Newcomer text.

In your own word document, you will answer the specific prompts in the attached worksheet.  Each answer should be clear and complete, while also being concise. Any information coming from another source must be accompanied by a proper APA citation. You should use the numbered questions as headings. Whether you choose to use the sub-list questions as sub-headings or not, all of those elements must be present in your response.

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