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Instructions: Check the Discussion Forum make sure you know what topic you are doing for the Process Analysis Memo (email me with any questions).  Your topic must be posted to the discussion board and be approved by me.  No two students will be allowed to do the same process. 

For this assignment you will read chapters 9 and 20 in your textbook. You will also watch the following video on Expository Writing.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:


After reading chapters 9 and 20 and the process analysis information, you should be familiar with describing a process. Now it is your turn to try it. 

Read APA style in your textbook, and the Purdue OWL at this link: 

For this assignment you will create your own "How to" Manual.  In your manual, you must explain your process (or how to do something) in great detail. You must follow these instructions and guidelines:

It must be no less than 2000 words (if it does not at least meet the minimum word count you will not make higher than a D on it).

It must have at least three sources from credible, authoritative sources. (Images/Illustrations may count as sources if they come from sources other than yourself.)

At least two illustrations (image, figure, diagram, chart, table, etc.). 

This assignment (like all) must be done in size 12 Times New Roman font.

This manual must be in APA style.  See the APA sample here:

Make your manual look just like this sample in regard to appearance and usage of spacing (double/single), tabs, punctuation, headings, bold, italics, underlining, categories listed, purpose etc.  If must have the following:

    Cover page (With Running Head/ correct APA pagination)

    Abstract page

    Body of the manual with appropriate categories

    Reference Page

Remember this is Technical Writing and formatting is imperative. For many of you, this is your first introduction into the world of technical writing. The key to technical communication is following instructions and attention to detail. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions of each assignment. Your grade will depend upon it! Please pay close attention to the deadline; this is a TEST grade.

* I realize in the business world, there is more than one way or style to write a manual.  But in order to be fair and consistent, for this class we use the APA style sample here:

This will give you experience in following this particular APA example you may use in other classes, and for me to have a consistent sample to evaluate your attention to detail in following the 

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