5pages(1,250 words) APA citation format

select a sector designated as critical by “Presidential Policy Directive-21: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience” and determine the following:

  • How are homeland security  operations administered in this sector? is there a heavy reliance on  private industry to secure the sector of your choice?
  • What type of intelligence and information sharing capabilities exist to support security operations  and terror prevention?
  • Are public and private security investments in this sector adequate?
  • How would you administer a more effective security program to protect the sector of your choice? Explain answer.
  • Which response and recovery plans are in place for the sector of your choice at the local, state and federal levels?
  • What does the future of security operations entail for your sector of choice?


heavy emphasis on analyzing the effectiveness of the funding and program administration strategies employed by the federal government and private sector as they pertain to homeland security.   

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