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Amazon: you should think as MBA student and start write the paper and ppt. 

The student will select a company from one of the cases in the back of the textbook and will have the course professor approve the selection before working on it.

This will be a 20-page APA formatted paper (title page, body, reference page(s), minimum of 10 scholarly sources, in-text citations, 1-inch margins, double-spacing, running head,

Times New Roman 12 font) with an accompanying 15 slide power point, to include reference slides. Cover page and reference section is in addition to the paper and the PowerPoint. The individual case study must follow the guidelines as set forth by the “Comprehensive Grading Rubric,. 

This assignment is the “capstone assignment,” which is used for assessment


Any individual case study paper that is submitted without following the APA formatting rules as set

forth in this section and without following the Comprehensive Grading Rubric outline will not be accepted for a grade.

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